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Declan Moore Interview

Declan Moore Interview

Southern Strokes recently took a few minutes to interview porn newcomer Declan Moore. The Chicago native made his first appearance along side industry staple Seth Knight. Like all first timers, nerves can run a little high. It didn’t take very long for Declan to find his stride. That or it was having his head pounded between Seth’s cock and a blue steel locker put him in the mood.

SS: Please state your full porn name
DM: Declan Moore

SS: How did you come up with that?
DM: There is a character on the show Revenge (with that beautiful blonde bitch with all the gorgeous dresses) the punk dive bar kid “Declan” . No relation to his character I just liked the name. Last name was finding something Irish that fit well with it.

SS: Do you identify as Irish? or did you just feel like it fit your look?
DM: Felt like it fit my look , I speak a little German though.  Nothing impressive just dorky basic stuff.

SS: Can you say something sexy in German for us?
DM: “Es macht mich glücklich, dass du dich gut fühlst.”  It translates to “makes me happy to make you feel good.” Is that sexy ? My version of sexy is “Ich habe Eis”

SS: Very, danka! A lot of older guys grew up in a very different world than you did. What was it like coming out and growing up in the gay community?
DM: I grew up in a very supportive household and had a small tight circle of friends. So I guess it was a neutral/positive experience ? Only big obstacle I faced was with athletics but I’d rather not dive into that. #puns

SS: LOL, I saw your twitter banner, I was hoping to ask you about sports and diving. You look very athletic.
DM: Sorryyyy lol I was very good but most of the men’s team didn’t talk to me unless we were competing because I’d win and they looked supportive – whatever! The girls were better. They burped and farted more than the guys did.

SS: Sports is one of the last holdouts on being fully open to gay culture in our society. Even though they claim to be inclusive, when push comes to shove it’s still very taboo. What do you think athletic groups can do to make gays feel more welcome in the locker room.
DM: Well all the straight guys would spend like 20 min in there talking and joking around but if I was in there (3 min or less) it was silent. So just don’t stop cuz a gay walks in ? Like, if I wanted to hit on you (cuz that’s their fear) I would have done it already lol I’m blunt as hell haha.

: Do you have any regrets from that chapter of your life worth sharing?
DM: I should’ve stopped competing after I had surgery on my ankle but that’s only regret.

: From the way you look and act on screen you seem to be very fit still. You also seem incredibly turned on and in the moment. What parts of sex and sexuality motivate you the most?
DM: Well I’ve often found  fighting it out, testing each others strengths, seeing a little raw real competition flaring cuz even staged wrestling still gets some of that fire , I’m a very physical person but I do have to limit myselfI’m vers , and sometimes with another vers guy we will wrestle to top cuz if you’re not strong enough to pin me you don’t get to fuck me.

: Sounds fair to me. Whats the most amazing sexual experience you have ever had?
DM: Well last night was pretty good…. But it’s hard to pinpoint that ONE time that just blew my mind. I mean I could drop some names but …. they’re kinda private so I won’t

: Probably better that you don’t. So if you could describe the perfect sex/sexual experience what would it be?
DM: With a muscle bear (that showered in the morning but it’s like early evening so he’s got some good man smell going on) Heavy aggressive kissing Semi dom/sub scene Big thick curved cock workin me out..drool..Sorry too much ?

: Never enough Don’t be shy.
DM: Well that about sums it up.


SS: So we had a great time shooting your first scenes with Southern Strokes. How was the experience of making porn?
DM: I had a great “first time experience”  Everyone was very supportive and understanding and sexy lol I was kinda shocked that everyone was cute, even the straight ones. But I definitely learned a lot and next time I shoot I think will go more smoothly.

SS: Blush*** It was great having you and you did a really good job. No shoot is without its difficulties. People are complicated. How about this, if you had to write the premise for you next scene, what would it be?
DM: I got to pick my man and what happens ? Cuz I’ve got this image in my head of “Goldie locks and the three bears”

SS: Ahhh I see what you are talking to the right people. Note to casting 😉
DM: Yes! Please .. I like men bigger than me.

SS: You must really look forward to getting man handled?
DM: I do But I’m a good top when I need to be.

SS: Well thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Its been great sharing your photos and videos so far.

Southern Strokes performer Declan Moore and Video Producers Leo Forte and Brian Bonds.